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You'll get a great shot regardless of lighting, distance, or your subject's fidgeting.Just make sure you read up on what each button does and get to know a bit about how shutter speed and aperture work. Voice recordings Capture that adorable little voice using a digital recorder, whether using an app on your phone or a separate device.With EFF's logo on them, they also make a civil liberties statement.If you want to make a more stylish statement, however, Etsy offers several options, including a Hello Kitty web cam cover, emoticon stickers, and a pink skull-and-crossbones for laptop cams, and a crocheted ghost cozy for external web cams.Cybercriminals, sextortionists, law enforcement, and even school districts have all been doing this kind of spying for a number of years.Spy tools, whether designed by intelligence agencies, cyber crooks or internet creeps, can turn your camera on without illuminating the indicator light.You can create a dummy plug by simply cutting off the unneeded portion of an old microphone plug.This won't prevent someone from listening to your conversations when you need the mic, such as when using Skype, but it will at least thwart them from using the microphone on their own without you knowing.

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But did you know that intruders might use the built-in camera to take surreptitious pictures and videos of you and your surroundings or hijack your microphone to eavesdrop on conversations?So you'll be able to capture the faces, voices, movements and moods with ease.Digital compact cameras A dedicated digital camera comes with all the benefits of smartphones, but with extra features for the photography enthusiast, and potentially higher-quality results.Naturally, there are even online tutorials available to instruct neophyte hackers on how to hijack your webcam. A sticker is better than a Post-It, which can lose its adhesion and fall off.

Fortunately, WIRED is here with a solution: Cover your camera lens with a sticker. Gaffer tape works nicely, too, but can leave a residue.Hit delete and keep trying until you get that perfect pic.